How People Manipulate in the Internet

How people manipulate the internet. The use of internet is so broad that is beyond human comprehension. Many wise people have improved the use of the internet because it is their pleasure to make things go right and help people around the world, whether they do it by money or not, it is still a help.

Programmers tend to create programs that is helpful for human needs and standards. Brilliant computer scientists create more powerful system in the internet in order to keep the digital age more advance and there are more things that they can do for mankind. Lots of people have contributed to the use of the internet Information Technology. It is natural that there are so many people who have already learned to program or codes can do anything in the internet what ever pleasure that comes in.

Some users are just using in the internet for business and source of information. Of course, people utilize the internet but although there will be billions of internet users all over the world at the same time, the internet servers does not fail to provide service for everyone.

If there are people who are kindly using the internet, some manipulate the internet in a bad way and they are not making any thing for the benefit of people but they are using the internet to destroy something such as virus spreading. This kind of things really frustrates people.

People do cyber-bullying and some corrupt files in order to get personal information such as bank accounts and many more.