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Recognizing the growth of using mobile in accessing the internet

When computers are invented, they look very appealing and when it became more modern in design and function, many people buy them so they could learn and use them with ease. The computer has been in use for many years already and the laptop has also been invented then the notebook and even tablet are […]

The amazing activities that happens on the net in just one minute

To some people, one minute is nothing as they will just get up from the seating position would require them a minute to do it. There could be many different things that are happening in every human’s life on this earth. As the nations have different timeline also so activities vary but it could become […]

How Fast is Your Internet Connection?

An access to the internet is very important especially that we are now living in the age of high technology. Almost all people depend on the internet. Most people use it as a way of communication and for business purposes. But, every country differs on how fast the internet connection is. Some countries have a […]

How the Internet of Things Uncovers New Economic Potential

In this modern age, the technology continues to develop. This includes the continuous development of the internet access. In some countries, the internet access is very fast and easy. Countries like Korea, Japan, and the United States have a quick and easy access to the internet. With the help of the internet, a country’s economy […]