Some of the main reasons why this present generation became internet addicts

The present generation is now seen to be addicted to the internet. Everywhere you will go you can realize that a person uses the internet and access their phones every now and then. Even if their phones did not ring but when people see it they always think what they could do on their phone and so they open it. They will check some apps or messages even if there is no message or update. It became a normal activity. Together let us see the statistics of internet use.

You can see how many minutes each male and female gender on accessing the internet. You can also see what kind of activity or applications they see. Because you can do many things on the internet so you can also spend time their than what you purposed and what you have planned. There are many things that could entice the interests of people and so they like to spend time browsing the net. You can even do financial transactions like paying bills and online shopping. You can make online appointment from this best dental clinic. Check from this link 牙醫診所 推薦 for more. This is so nice clinic.

Students at this time rely heavily on the internet and more workers work online. If you also want to watch you can watch. If you want to play you can do. If you want to listen to the latest music or even watch advertisement from the nations around the world you can find. Even buying food can be done on the internet. And dental appointment can be done due internet also try here I think we can get into an agreement that we are really internet addicts with different reasons.