How Fast is Your Internet Connection?

An access to the internet is very important especially that we are now living in the age of high technology. Almost all people depend on the internet. Most people use it as a way of communication and for business purposes. But, every country differs on how fast the internet connection is. Some countries have a quick access that helps especially the companies to be very productive. What are the internet connections being used? Some use modem while others use DSL, cable, or Fiber.

If you want to transfer some data using your phone or laptop through the use of the internet, how fast is the transmission? Below are some of the amazing facts you need to know.

Fact #1: Using a 56k modem, you can download 1KB in half the time it takes you to blink your eyes. Moreover, the fastest fiber optic connections do it over 400 times faster.

Fact #2: If you are to download a 1MB file using a modem, the time would be like the time when it takes to fry an egg.

Fact #3: If you want to watch your favorite movie using DSL, the time to download would be like the time to download a 1GB file. Through the fastest fiber connection, you can download your files faster than the commercials from just one episode.

Fact #4: If you want to download your files which is 2GB before you could finish your lunch, use a fiber optic because using a 56k modem, the downloading time would take almost a full work week .

Fact #5: If you want to download a file with 100GB using a 56k modem, it would take over half a year. But with the use of fiber connection, it would take only half day.